Thank you very much for your patronage of "Yamashiro" on a daily basis. Born in Kyoto Wakaku Town known as the famous place of Uji tea, "I want many people to enjoy the tea ceremony that my parents brought up with a spirit of mentality." From such thought for the first time for more than forty years. Thanks to all of you for your warmest support and the gratitude that we have been able to grow up to this point.


Recently, there are many opportunities for green tea to be picked up from the viewpoint of health, such as various natural vitamins such as anticancer effect of green tea and suppression of rise in blood pressure. The taste of consumers has also changed to a more natural one and a safe one, and the tea that has long been involved in the lives of the Japanese people has attracted attention as the best health drink awarded from nature. "Yamashiro" has carried out integrated production from the cultivation of tea trees to manufacture and sale, and has repeatedly examined the skill of skilled tea ceremony, so that delicious tea of ​​quality-oriented style can be enjoyed without hesitation.


We will make every effort to hope that "Yamashiro" will be useful even in a little "time for comfortable peace" and "warmth for health" brought by a cup of tea that does not change even now. From now on, I am determined to further improve the quality and the tea-making environment. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.