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Enjoy really good tea at home. Feel free.

Yamashiro Bussan was founded in 1960. Since our founding, we have continued to produce high-quality tea at our factory in Wazuka-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, a famous Uji tea producing area in the Yamashiro region, the "home of Japanese tea." Founder Shigeyuki Tsuji was a newcomer to the tea industry, which has a long tradition, so he continued to challenge the industry's common sense with innovative ideas and plans.
Yamashiro Bussan was also the first in the tea industry to use polyethylene vinyl packaging, which previously used paper packaging. The idea was to lock in the fresh scent, maintain quality, and improve hygiene.
What Yamashiro Bussan values ​​above all else is that you can easily enjoy high-quality tea at home. And create time for relaxation and relaxation. Even in modern times when lifestyles are changing, we will continue to share new ways to enjoy tea that suit the times.

About Ujiwazuka town where the “Chagenkyo” factory is located

Wazuka Town is so vastly covered with tea plantations that it is nicknamed the ``Tea Origin Village'', and is characterized by its climate with heavy rainfall and large temperature differences between day and night, as well as its well-drained, fertile soil. It is also blessed with the upper reaches of the Kizugawa River and the Wazuka River. Wazuka Town has the perfect environment for tea cultivation, with river fog forming in the morning. Its tea production accounts for half of Uji tea. It has a long history as a Japanese tea producing area, dating back to the Kamakura period.
As the production and supply system for high-quality tea was established, tea plantations were cultivated using a method called ``mountain cultivation,'' which took advantage of the topography, and the landscape began to take shape. Today, we continue to carry on this tradition and produce a variety of high-quality teas.

Yamashiro Bussan’s quality supported by the skills of tea masters

At Yamashiro Bussan, we develop tea not only in Wazuka Town, Kyoto, where our factory is located, but also in partnership with tea farmers in famous tea producing regions across the country. The quality of tea varies depending on the region, variety, and producer. There are a wide variety of varieties, including those with a strong aroma, richness, and bright colors.
Also, since it is an agricultural product, it is affected by the climate and temperature of the year, and the quality is not always the same. In order to turn such tea leaves into a stable product, the ``Aigumi'' technique of tea masters, who sense the characteristics of tea leaves with their eyes, nose, tongue, and hands, and blend them is essential. At Yamashiro Bussan, we will continue to provide delicious tea with the advanced skills of our tea masters and thorough quality control.

Representative message

I want to create a time of peace at home.

``When I was a child, tea was a familiar item that was brewed at home.When I went to visit relatives, it was common for tea to be served in a teapot, I think the taste and aroma used to be a set.However, now tea in tea bags and plastic bottles accounts for the majority of consumption, and the number of households with teapots has decreased.Ages 10 to 30 These people are especially far away from teapots, and I feel that the habit of ``brewing tea and taking a breather'' is starting to disappear. What we want to provide is a time of peace at home. We would like to convey the joy of tea in a flexible way that suits the times and preserve the richness of life with tea.

Representative Director Shizuyo Okamoto

Company Name Yamashiro Bussan Co., Ltd.
representative Representative Director Shizuyo Okamoto
Establishment February 1, 1960
Business details Manufacture and wholesale of tea and Japanese tea
capital 20 million yen
Related stores Tsujijuan 4-24-6-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka 550-0015
main office 4-24-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka 550-0015
Kyoto factory 28-1 Soda, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-1223
Sales Division 5-3-11 Nagata Naka, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0013