Earth and water tea Genmaicha tea bag with organic matcha

Earth and water tea Genmaicha tea bag with organic matcha

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This is an ``organic green tea series'' that slowly cultivates nutrients from natural soil and water without relying on chemical fertilizers.

Organic tea leaves that have been exposed to sunlight for a long period of time allow you to enjoy the natural flavor of the tea leaves.

A blend of domestic organic green tea, domestic organic rice, and domestic organic matcha to create a brown rice tea bag with a strong taste.

The tea bag material is biodegradable biomass plastic that is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in nature.

"Earth and Water Tea" is a tea that we recommend to those who are interested in health, security, safety, and environmental issues.

[Trigger for product development]

In recent years, in the Japanese tea market, there has been a growing demand for products that are not only delicious but also safer and more reliable. In response to such consumer feedback, we aim to create products that value the natural flavor of tea leaves without relying on chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and have made tea bags from organically grown tea leaves.

【Product Features】

●Uses only organic ingredients

The matcha and roasted rice for green tea and matcha genmaicha also use organic matcha and organic rice. This is an organic JAS* certified product that uses organic materials for all raw materials.

*Organic JAS: Only certified businesses can affix the Organic JAS mark to food that is certified to be produced using the power of nature without relying on chemical substances such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Masu. It is prohibited by law to label foods that do not have the "Organic JAS Mark" with names such as "organic" or "organic" or with misleading labels.

●Suitable for personal use and small quantity demand

In recent years, the demand for boiling large amounts of tea in a teapot or kettle, as in the past, is decreasing due to the tendency for individuals to choose their own favorite foods even within the household and the increasing number of elderly households. Considering the opinion that people want to drink something good little by little, and the use of their own bottles, we decided to make the tea bags 2g to 2.5g (for 250ml to 500ml of hot water) perfect for personal use.

●Environmentally friendly

Approximately 80% of collected plastic waste in the world is currently disposed of in landfills or in nature (oceans, etc.).

Daichi and Water Tea uses biodegradable biomass plastic for the tea bag material. This material has the property of being decomposed down to the molecular level by the action of microorganisms, and eventually becoming carbon dioxide and water, which are recycled into the natural world.

[Developer's voice] Representative Shizuyo Okamoto

It has long been said that organic tea is not delicious. Making tea with the combined use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides is necessary in a sense to provide nutrients to the tea and make delicious tea.

However, thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of producers, delicious tea can now be produced organically, and the number of organic leaf teas on the market is increasing. However, there are many households that do not have a teapot, and there is a demand for products in the form of tea bags, which emphasize convenience, rather than leaf tea. Tea bag products need to be mass-produced using machines to keep costs down, but since organically grown tea is produced in small quantities and it is difficult to secure a stable amount of raw materials, organic tea bag products are difficult to mass produce. The current situation was that there were few on the market. That is why we have developed an organic tea bag product that allows you to enjoy the natural bitterness and aroma of tea as easily as possible.

We acquired ISO 22000 certification at our own factory in 2022, introduced new manufacturing equipment in 2023, and established a system that can handle small-quantity production of tea bags, making this commercialization possible.

This tea is carefully grown from natural soil and water without relying on chemical fertilizers or pesticides. However, that alone cannot differentiate it from other organic teas. Packaging design is also required to catch the attention of customers. Incorporating a different taste from the past, we chose a natural and simple Scandinavian color with a white base, which is rare in the Japanese tea industry. The large plateau on which small buds are sprouting is layered with the brown color of the soil and the color of the water to create an image of the buds sprouting due to their power.

Product information
Product name Earth and water tea Genmaicha tea bag with organic matcha
name Genmaicha with organic matcha (tea bag)
Raw material name Organic Green Tea (Domestic) Organic Rice (Domestic) Organic Matcha (Domestic)
Origin of raw materials Japan
Internal capacity 62.5g (2.5g x 25p)
Preservation method Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Seller Yamashiro Bussan Co., Ltd. 4-24-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka

Kuroneko Yamato

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