We offer cold brew green tea as a drink.

On May 10th, the Hospital Football Association, an NPO supported by Yamashiro Bussan, launched a new flag football team for elementary school students in Minato Ward, Osaka City.
This is part of our efforts to connect children with intractable illnesses who require long-term hospitalization with children outside of hospitals through flag football (a safe way to enjoy American football).
We have set up such teams not only in Minato Ward, but also in Nishinari Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, and Nara Prefecture.
On the first day, we learned the basics of American football through a first down game (an American football board game), and then practiced passing on the field.
From now on, we will be practicing twice a month in preparation for the flag football charity event to be held at Maruzen Intec Arena on Saturday, September 30th.

Yamashiro Bussan is providing cold brew green tea as a sports drink for this activity.
By brewing green tea with water, you can suppress the extraction of caffeine and extract more theanine, which has a relaxing effect.
The cold green tea was very popular, even among the children who were used to drinking barley tea.