About the new product Excuse Tea series

“Over 60 Years of Japanese Tea” From February 10, 2023 , Yamashiro Bussan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative: Shizuyo Okamoto) will start producing rooibos tea and dokudami based on black oolong tea, oolong tea, and Japanese black tea. We will start selling all three types of "Excuse Tea" containing tea at supermarkets nationwide and on our EC site.

We propose oolong tea to accompany potato chips, black oolong tea to accompany fried chicken, Japanese black tea to accompany cake, and a blend of each tea with rooibos tea and dokudami. For middle-aged and older people who feel guilty when they eat potato chips, fried chicken, or cake, we offer an ``excuse'' that says it's okay to eat a little because you drink this calorie- free tea. There are three types: ``I want to eat potato chips!'' which is an oolong tea blend, ``I want to eat fried chicken!'' which is a black oolong tea blend, and ``I want to eat cake too!'' which is a blend of Japanese black tea.