We cooperated with the activities of the NPO Hospital Football Association.

Since last year, at the request of the NPO Hospital Football Association, our company, Yamashiro Bussan, has been gifting tea to mothers caring for children who have been hospitalized for long periods due to incurable illnesses.

The other day, I cooperated with a fundraising campaign held by the NPO Hospital Football Association.
The venue for the fundraiser is the Naniwa Puppet Show Festival, which is held on the first Sunday of April every year at Isshinji Temple in Osaka City, and is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year.

This year, with good weather, more than 2,000 people visited.

The money received from this fundraiser will be used to light up Osaka Castle, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, and other places in the ``Gold September Campaign,'' a childhood cancer awareness campaign held every September.