I want to eat potato chips! excuse tea

I want to eat potato chips! excuse tea

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Potato chips are a staple snack. The best part is the crunchy texture.

I just ate rice, but I'm kind of hungry.

At times like that, when I open a bag of potato chips...I can't stop eating until the end.

Also, the standard drink at such times is carbonated drinks such as cola.

But with cola, 500cc has about 200kcal over it, which makes me go into confessional mode after a meal.

So why not switch up your drink? If you say "I want to eat potato chips!", it's 0 kcal ! After all, this is tea!

The refreshing flavors of oolong tea, rooibos tea, and dokudami go perfectly with the salty, richly flavored potato chips while keeping calories low!

[Delicious way to drink]
Place the tea bag in a cup, mug, or bottle, pour 300cc to 500cc of hot water, and remove to your desired strength.

Product information
name Mixed tea (tea bag)
Raw material name Semi-fermented tea (made in China), Rooibos, Dokudami
Internal capacity 12.5g (5 bags)
Preservation method Please store away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
Manufacturer Yamashiro Bussan Co., Ltd. Kyoto Factory
Appropriate amount 300cc to 500cc of hot water per tea bag (2.5g)

Kuroneko Yamato

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