Tea master Shigeyuki Tsuji's tea chasi tsuji sigeyuki no issen

茶師 辻重行の一煎
茶師の一煎 お茶
茶師の一煎 つまみ
詰め替え 案内
茶師辻重行の一煎 使い方

Tea master Shigeyuki Tsuji's tea chasi tsuji sigeyuki no issen

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The ultimate brew of powdered tea, supervised by a tea master who knows everything about tea, without the need for a teapot.

The ultimate infusion, overseen by a tea master with extensive knowledge of tea, can be enjoyed with powdered tea, eliminating the need for a teapot.

The original bottle container does not require a teapot and dispenses each cup of powder accurately.

The original bottle container allows for precise dispensing of powdered tea for each cup without the need for a teapot.

We have received many compliments on how easy it is to make and drink whenever you feel like it.

"We have received numerous words of appreciation for the convenience of being able to prepare and enjoy it quickly whenever the mood strikes."

Specially blended powdered tea

"Special blend of powdered tea."

The powdered tea blends the rich flavor of `` Shizuoka Deep Steamed Tea with Uji Gyokuro '' and the gorgeous aroma of ``Gangaon and Hojicha'' to bring out the mellow aroma, bright color, and refreshing flavor.

"The powdered tea blends the rich umami of 'Uji Gyokuro-infused Shizuoka deep-steamed tea' with the delightful aroma of 'Kari-no-ne and houjicha,' bringing out a fragrant bouquet, vibrant color, and refreshing umami."

Benefits of powdered tea

The advantages of powdered tea

Powdered tea is a tea with a very well-balanced flavor, aroma, and taste.
It has a taste that both children and adults will enjoy since it has no bitterness.

When drinking tea in the normal way, components such as vitamins and dietary fiber remain in the used tea leaves, but with Chashi Issen, you can easily consume all the components of tea.

Instead of coffee every morning, you can easily drink high-quality tea on the table or as tea for your guests.

"Powdered tea is a well-balanced tea with a delightful combination of umami, aroma, and flavor. It's a taste that both children and adults can enjoy, free from bitterness.

In typical tea preparation, beneficial components like vitamins and dietary fiber often remain in the tea leaves, but with a single infusion from the tea master, you can easily enjoy all the tea's beneficial components.

Whether as a morning coffee substitute, a convenient addition to your dining table, or as a tea offering for your guests, you can enjoy high-quality tea effortlessly."

Refills are also available.

"We also offer refill options."

The original container can be refilled with special powdered tea and used repeatedly.

"The original container allows you to refill it with dedicated powdered tea and use it repeatedly."

``Chashi Shigeyuki Tsuji's Issen'' is a new style of tea made with powdered tea carefully selected by a skilled tea master who knows everything about tea, set in an easy-to-use special container.

You can easily enjoy delicious tea anytime you want, whether at home or in the office.

"Chashi Tsuji Shigeyuki no issen" is a new style of tea that offers the convenience of a well-thought-out powdered tea blend by a seasoned tea master, packaged in a user-friendly container.

Whether at home or in the office, you can enjoy delicious tea anytime you want, quickly and conveniently."

Product information
name powdered tea
Internal capacity 20g(10g×2)
Raw material name Green tea (domestic production), dextrin (domestic production), Gyokuro (domestic production)
Preservation method Please avoid high temperature and humidity when storing.
Internal capacity 20g (about 33 cups)
Seller Yamashiro Bussan Co., Ltd. 4-24-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka

Kuroneko Yamato

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