Caffeine-free domestic 16-type blend tea

Caffeine-free domestic 16-type blend tea

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As the name suggests, ``Non-Caffeine Domestic 16 Types Blend Tea'' is a healthy tea made with 16 types of domestic wildflowers and grains.

We have carefully selected and carefully selected 16 types of ingredients with a focus on taste, aroma, and ease of drinking. Thanks to our unique formulation, we have created a healthy tea with an easy-to-drink taste that is aromatic, aromatic, and has a slight sweetness.

``Barley'' ``Hatomugi'' ``Rice'' ``Black soybean'' ``Dokudami'' ``Onion'' ``Soybean'' ``Azuki bean''

``Kuma bamboo'', ``Evening primrose'', ``Mulberry leaf'', ``Loquat leaf'', ``Eyedropper tree'', ``Turmeric'', ``Foam'', ``Millet''

A well-balanced blend of 16 carefully selected domestic ingredients.

A caffeine-free health tea that contains a well-balanced amount of nutrients from each ingredient. We have developed this tea with the aim of creating a healthy tea that can be enjoyed by the whole family, from small children to the elderly .

This is a healthy tea recommended as a drink for people living in modern times where eating habits and lifestyle habits tend to be irregular .

Kuroneko Yamato

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